Cascade – House Update

The week before last, Josh took vacation in order to make some good progress on his house. He was able to get drywall up in the master, kitchen, hall and hall bath. Josh also hung the cabinets in the kitchen so that we could really feel out the layout. I have to say, his kitchenContinue reading “Cascade – House Update”

Staycation Vacation

I am notorious for taking vacations and staying home. For the past three years I’ve used every day of relaxing time to work on my house. I try to do so much myself to first save money, but second learn and gain experience. I enjoy trying new things and putting myself to the test ofContinue reading “Staycation Vacation”


The kitchen is now 90% done. I’m missing my island countertops because they just weren’t in the budget yet with everything else going on around the house.  The kitchen use to be a back-of-the-house living room/den right off the old kitchen. We enlarged the pass through to connect the new dining room to the newContinue reading “Kitchen”

Moving the Kitchen

When I started demolition on the kitchen I decided quickly everything needed to go. Paneling and cracked plaster were removed to reveal a covered up fireplace. In an effort to keep the fireplace (even if only decorative) and have more room for cabinetry, I’ve opted to move the kitchen to the back family room. TheContinue reading “Moving the Kitchen”