One Room Challenge: Toddler Room – Week 6 REVEAL

It’s Thursday November 8th, 2018. I made it. I finished my One Room Challenge! There were about 3 specific times during this past 6 weeks I can recall thinking to myself, “Why not just quit? Why are you pushing yourself to do this? There is no prize at the end. Nobody will actually care ifContinue reading “One Room Challenge: Toddler Room – Week 6 REVEAL”

One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 3

Week 3, how you’ve been a pain in my rear. This week I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing. That paired with being behind in my posting has left me feeling a little like I’m trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop. After some encouraging words from a few of my Instagram homeContinue reading “One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 3”