Fall Dining Room Decor

My favorite design decision in my entire home is the chalkboard wall I painted in the dining room. I remember being so nervous to paint a wall this big, black! The positive impact it has on this space is far greater than any negatives a dark color like black could have created (I thought itContinue reading “Fall Dining Room Decor”

Repurposing the Original Mantels (Part 2)

I finished the second mantel this past Saturday. This one I am using in Ezra’s playroom upstairs as a bookshelf. I first added the beadboard to the mantel opening. Next, I used my miter saw and nail gun(my two favorite tools) to make simple shelves out of some scrap wood I had in the backContinue reading “Repurposing the Original Mantels (Part 2)”

Living Room

I’ve finished my first room and it feels great to have one room I can go and sit in without looking at all the things that still need to be done. It’s my new sanctuary for relaxation at the end of a long day. This room is completely new. New insulation, electrical, drywall, trim, andContinue reading “Living Room”

Dining Room

Another room is mostly complete ( I’m missing a few decor items, but I do have the rest of my life for those purchases). This is my most drastic room update since the entire purpose changed. The fireplace in this room is my baby. When we originally found the fireplace behind the wall covering, IContinue reading “Dining Room”