Working on Multiple Rooms

I’ve been a little scatter brained when it comes to what I’m working on at the moment. My entire upstairs needs work before we can actually use the space. The upstairs consists of 4 bedrooms (one in which I’ve turned into the master closet), and the second floor bathroom. Each room is in varying statesContinue reading “Working on Multiple Rooms”

Cascade – House Update

The week before last, Josh took vacation in order to make some good progress on his house. He was able to get drywall up in the master, kitchen, hall and hall bath. Josh also hung the cabinets in the kitchen so that we could really feel out the layout. I have to say, his kitchenContinue reading “Cascade – House Update”

Master Bathroom-Part 1

A few pictures showing the progress in the upstairs bathroom. It is an onsuite for the master bedroom as well as the bathroom for the other 3 bedrooms upstairs. I’ve been in hurry up mode to get this project completed for my re-appraisal. I’m nearing the end and thought I’d organize some of the pictureContinue reading “Master Bathroom-Part 1”

Staycation Vacation

I am notorious for taking vacations and staying home. For the past three years I’ve used every day of relaxing time to work on my house. I try to do so much myself to first save money, but second learn and gain experience. I enjoy trying new things and putting myself to the test ofContinue reading “Staycation Vacation”

Upstairs Drywall

I’ve been waiting 2 and a half years for drywall upstairs! Two and a half years it has been since I’ve seen the second floor of my house actually look like a real space I can live in. The ceilings were dry walled as well. Window trim has begun and after that I’ll start onContinue reading “Upstairs Drywall”

Removing Windows

It was a big decision to remove the second window in the bedroom. The window facing the back of the house was already half blocked by the bathroom addition and with the need to remove the cast iron waste pipes in favor of pvc, a chase was needed in that same area and would furtherContinue reading “Removing Windows”

Walls And Such

I have all new insulation on the first floor and the drywall is almost complete. It’s starting to feel like a real house. Other updates; digital lines ran through the whole house, first floor AC in with insulation around all duct work, and the second bedroom window that was facing the bathroom wall has beenContinue reading “Walls And Such”