New Back Door

I haven’t posted in awhile mainly because I’ve been taking a break from the renovation life. It takes a toll on you. There is a lot of unnecessary pressure I put on myself to keep checking things off of my to do list. The fact of the matter is, if nothing else ever got doneContinue reading “New Back Door”

100-Year-Old Vintage Porch Makeover-Before

This porch is the most beautiful and ugliest part of this house. It was a huge selling feature for me when I purchased the home. It has definitely seen some renovation over the years. As you can see from one of the original pictures the previous homeowner brought to me a few months back, theContinue reading “100-Year-Old Vintage Porch Makeover-Before”

Cascade – House Update

The week before last, Josh took vacation in order to make some good progress on his house. He was able to get drywall up in the master, kitchen, hall and hall bath. Josh also hung the cabinets in the kitchen so that we could really feel out the layout. I have to say, his kitchenContinue reading “Cascade – House Update”

Removing Windows

It was a big decision to remove the second window in the bedroom. The window facing the back of the house was already half blocked by the bathroom addition and with the need to remove the cast iron waste pipes in favor of pvc, a chase was needed in that same area and would furtherContinue reading “Removing Windows”