The (Almost) Complete First Floor Bathroom Remodel

Work is coming along on the downstairs bath. Floor is in, shower is getting tile, I’ve got my light, mirror, sink, toilet paper holder, etc. This has been a big focus. There has not been a working bathroom in the house since I bought the place.                   

Primed Walls & Ceilings

The walls and ceilings are primed downstairs. The tongue and groove ceilings will need a little extra work to fill in some rough spots. We are almost ready for paint. There is a lot of trim work still to be done. After all that, probably the downstairs bathroom will be next.  Floors are coming last.Continue reading “Primed Walls & Ceilings”

The Doors

While all the drywall muding, sanding, and priming is going on, I’ve been working on my doors. I’ve got 10 doors that need to be stripped, sanded, and repainted before they can be hung. It has been a chore stripping these doors. Most of them have layers of paint on them. Some only have stain.Continue reading “The Doors”

Removing Windows

It was a big decision to remove the second window in the bedroom. The window facing the back of the house was already half blocked by the bathroom addition and with the need to remove the cast iron waste pipes in favor of pvc, a chase was needed in that same area and would furtherContinue reading “Removing Windows”

Walls And Such

I have all new insulation on the first floor and the drywall is almost complete. It’s starting to feel like a real house. Other updates; digital lines ran through the whole house, first floor AC in with insulation around all duct work, and the second bedroom window that was facing the bathroom wall has beenContinue reading “Walls And Such”

The Mechanics 

My home is now completely re-plumbed with all new pex piping. Everything galvanized has been removed. It wasn’t too bad of a job and only took 3 days for the rough in. I have two full bathrooms, kitchen island with sink and dishwasher, and a washer hook up.                      The wholeContinue reading “The Mechanics “

1st Floor Bathroom

The first floor bathroom is turning out to be quite the project, but I couldn’t be happier with where I am at with it now. There was extensive rot in the framing from many years of water getting under the siding. My floor joists were even scarier with the plywood just sitting on top ofContinue reading “1st Floor Bathroom”

Goodbye Tin Roof

The roof was the first major renovation. I hired a roofing company for this job. With nearly every room showing signs of leaks, the old tin roof had to go! The job was a headache. I highly recommend discussing thoroughly with your roofer how the job will be performed. I had issues with flashings improperlyContinue reading “Goodbye Tin Roof”

Learning to Frame

Some of the framing projects we’ve done.  Josh and I are learning and are by no means experts.      We closed off an outdoor room off of the screened in patio and are turning the space into a pantry. Adding shelving should give us ample space for storage. Cabinetry is limited in the kitchen.