One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 5

This has been the most successful #ORC week I’ve had thus far! Maybe that’s not necessarily true. Maybe it feels so successful because I am nearing the finish of Ezra’s room. Maybe it’s because projects that were formerly pissing me off, have finally come together.

Remember the closet I hated so much and couldn’t figure out what to do with? I figured it out! It came together! I wanted to give up last week and just shut the doors, but I didn’t. I went online and ordered wallpaper (way too much at that), and drug my butt to Lowe’s this past weekend to put the clothes rack bar together. The clothes rack bar was mostly assembled with galvanized piping I had left over from another room. I only had to purchase a few extensions and fittings to make this bar work in this space. PSA: Pipe clothing racks are not an economical solution, but they add so much design value to the space. I was going to use the standard clothing rack and bar I used downstairs in Ezra’s Nursery, but fortunately (unfortunately???) I ruined it during my closet tantrum that resulted in punctured drywall, spackle, and sanding.

The wallpaper is from Hearth and Hand; I ordered it on I only needed one roll (and didn’t even use all of that), but ordered three rolls. My mistake. The rolls were $20 each, and if I do say so myself, the paper and pattern added a lot of appeal for little money. The bookcase is from


I still have a little more decorating and staging to complete in the closet. The bookcase will be filled with folded clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys. I have a few accessory hooks to add to the inside walls. I also need to paint the inside of the closet doors black to match the outside and add the hardware.

The window treatments also came together this week. What a difference curtain rings can make. They allowed the burlap curtains to hang at the appropriate length next to the grey striped sheers. Everything pictured for the windows I shopped from

img_2547img_2544img_2539In other news, all of the decor items from the nursery downstairs have been taken down and packed up for their big move upstairs. I only have little items left to complete in Ezra’s room upstairs before putting the pictures on the wall and bringing the furniture in. I am working on reinventing the diaper changing dresser at the moment (not pictured). It will still be used upstairs, and I’m sure we will miss it desperately downstairs. There will be a lot of complaining from my other half make no mistake (he hates that I move everything). My son will be two years old this Christmas Eve and is not quite potty training yet. The diaper table is a necessity, but it will transition nicely into a regular dresser.


What is left before the big reveal NEXT WEEK?
– Finish the stars on the ceiling (approx. half the ceiling left).
– Finish staining the roof slates above the bed.
– Then the room needs to be decorated and all the furniture moved in!

THAT’S IT! I can’t wait to share this space with all of you that have been following along!

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