One Room Challenge: Toddler Room Week 4

Week 4 is proving to be the hardest week to photograph. Yes, I did it! I started the stars on the ceiling (which I have been very excited about). If you want to see them, you’re more than welcome to come over, otherwise there are minimal pictures to show you here.

Let’s all use our imagination as I tell you how I am achieving the stars on the ceiling. Which, might I add, I’ve only halfway finished.

I purchased a glow in the dark craft paint off of Amazon that I’m very happy with. it was $10 for the 4 ounce bottle. Maybe they have this same item at Michaels or your craft store, but I certainly couldn’t find it and let’s be honest, Amazon is so quick and easy. It drys white if you glob it on. If you use it sparingly, it will dry more clear, but is still visible with the lights out.

For my brushes, I used quite a few different options to achieve different sized “stars”. I say that with quotations because I do not want the stars looking like crazy perfectly shaped stars. My stars are blobs, just like you’d see in the sky. So again, I used various sized brushes, most with finer tips, but I did also use a larger paint brush as well. Throughout the ceiling I’ve added cloudy swirls. This is where I used the large paint brush, lightly dabbing off the paint and half hazardously swirling it about.

There is no rhyme or reason as to where the blobs are being placed. I had originally wanted to do constellations (which I still might) or recreate Ezra’s birth night sky on the ceiling, but came to terms with that being far too complicated of a process. So the stars are just up there…wherever they want to be.

I really wish I could photograph the stars glowing because that is where this project really shines…pun intended. Taking a picture in the dark does not work and I’m not sure why I thought it would.

Alright, so the stars have been a really positive project. Now for the not so great setback this week. The closet is turning out to be a thorn in my side. All I know is I want it to be a feature, and yet I have no idea what that will look like.

I attempted to put up 3 wood strips to mimic the pillows that would be on the bed. This was not well thought out might I add, as I did it in 20 minutes on a lunch break. The thought was, that I would paint them black, but that’s where the thought stopped. I then put the clothes rack above the black stripe in the wall, and that’s when it happened. I finally recognized that the closet doors skew right. The brackets, that were screwed into studs did not line up evenly and everything just looked off centered. In my attempt to remove the brackets, I put a huge hole in the drywall, messed up the wood strips, hastily tore them off and ripped large patches of drywall off.

This is the Before (Before I messed it all up)

Luckily, I easily patched the drywall and as you will see below have already primed over the black paint. I really wanted to shut the doors and just photograph the room with the closet shut, but I am pushing forward even though I have technically gone backwards.

After (After I fixed my mess up)

I will now be wallpapering the closet with the wallpaper from Hearth and Hand you see below. It was on sale too at Target, so bonus! To overcome the closet being off centered I have decided to use some leftover piping I had from the master closet, to make a clothing rack. I’ll need to purchase a few extra pipe pieces from Lowe’s this weekend. And that’s it! I’m over this closet, but I’m determined to not give up on it.
Here is what is still to come;
– I’m going to try not to give up.

– Apply wallpaper and install clothes rack in closet (Waiting on wallpaper to come in).
– Finish the stars on the ceiling (approx. half the ceiling left).
– Finish staining the roof slates above the bed.
– Then the room needs to be decorated and all the furniture moved in!

Be sure to check out all the stunning posts of the One Room Challenge featured participants. Follow @oneroomchallenge on Instagram or check out the hashtags #oneroomchallange and #bhgorc.


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