One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 3

Week 3, how you’ve been a pain in my rear. This week I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing. That paired with being behind in my posting has left me feeling a little like I’m trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop.

After some encouraging words from a few of my Instagram home renovation ladies, I’ve been reminded that this is about my project and what I want to post. So if I want to post about my crappy week….then that’s what I’m going to do.

The bright spot in this post is the roof over where Ezra’s bed will be is mostly complete (structure wise). This wonderful update is brought to you by Josh, my wonderful boyfriend and the only reason anything got done this week.

He first built out the wood brackets and bracing. This is why you learn geometry and angles, people! I then painted the frame black, with the same semi-gloss paint I used on the window trim. I debated back and forth what colors or stains I would use where on this piece. I initially wanted to paint the frame white, but then I thought it would blend into the white in the wall too much. So because the bed frame is black, I thought black would look complimentary. When the vertical roof slats went up, the whole piece finally pulled together!

This roof project I thought up, didn’t exactly have a real life example I would be replicating. It was an idea that came to me after deciding not to purchase the far too big kids cabin bed I found on Wayfair. That bed would have literally taken up half the room. When I cancelled the order, I realized I had a perfectly charming black metal daybed I could use, it just needed a touch of masculinity. My hopes in building out this roof was to create the feel of a cabin/outdoors/camping experience, through a rustic architectural feature. I plan to finish it off by staining the slats and hanging fun string lights.

So here is the bad part of the week.

I painted the trim around the windows black. GOOD. I hung the curtains. BAD.


The curtains themselves are not bad. They just don’t hang or look right as is. First my curtain rods are way too long. I unfortunately purchased them months ago from Home Goods and can’t return them, nor do I want to take them back down. The burlap curtains are too short for the sheers, which should have been obvious to me when I purchased the same length for the curtains and the sheers. I also didn’t initially anticipate using one curtain from the other window’s curtain set, to use in the split between windows. Alas, it is all fixable.

Here is what I am going to do to solve my curtain issues;

  • First, buy another set of burlap curtains so I can complete the other window in the room in the same fashion.
  • Then, I am going to purchase many sets of black curtain rings with clips for the burlap to solve two problems. First, add an inch or so of length to the burlap. Second, so I can adjust the curtains past the bracket to cover the length of the rod.
  • I’m going to see if the curtain rings add enough length to the burlap first, but if they do not I’m going to hem up the sheers. I do not sew so I will have to use the hem tape you iron. I’m hoping I don’t have to do this.
  • And as a bonus line….Everything needs one hell of a steam!

FullSizeRender (1)

That’s it folks! That was my week 3 One Room Challenge update!

Here is what is still to come;

  • Paint the trim white around the main door and playroom door.
  • Somehow I am going to come up with something cool in the closet, but I have yet to figure out what!
  • Josh and I are going to start on the star constellations on the ceiling tomorrow night and have plans on using glow in the dark paint. I’m really excited about this project.
  • Then the room needs to be decorated and all the furniture moved in!

Be sure to check out all the stunning posts of the One Room Challenge featured participants. Follow @oneroomchallenge on Instagram or check out the hashtags #oneroomchallange and #bhgorc.




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