One Room Challenge: Toddler Room Week 2

Did I finish everything on my to do list for this week? The short answer is no. Am I freaking out? Also no. I’m not worried because I do feel like we are making really steady progress on our One Room Challenge-Toddler Room.

Here is what I did complete this week. I was able to finish cutting in the grey paint on the ceiling and I did paint the top portion of the wall Sherwin Williams White Cotton. Now, let me just tell you this was a painstaking back and forth process of getting white in the grey or grey in the white. As for the white…I was not prepared for how incredibly hard it is to paint white on white primed walls. I had no idea where I was putting the paint. My thought process was I would slap it up there and then let it dry to see if I could tell where I missed spots. There are a lot of spots! I most definitely need to go back in many different parts of the day for the natural lighting to see where I need touch up.

The biggest project completed this week is the board and batten! Everything was caulked and sanded, then painted Valspar Lead Cast. I am so happy with how it turned out and the craftsman feel it gives this room. I also am now positive about my decision to leave the baseboards white.

You’ll see in the photo below that I still need to paint the door trim white, but I was able to paint all the doors in the room black. All of my doors in my home are original (but moved or used in different rooms in some cases). I feel that these doors look best painted and distressed. They have many layers of old paint. I did strip a few doors downstairs all the way down to the wood and they are so worn and gouged that it is not worth the stress of trying to get a perfect coat of paint on them. I dry brushed my doors downstairs with the accent color I have around the entire house (Sherwin Williams – Past & Present). However, I feel the interior doors of each room should match the color pallet of the room when all the doors are shut and they do not necessarily need to be the same blue grey on the inside. It was quite the realization that I could paint the doors two different colors depending on the side you are on. All my hall doors are the blue grey, but upstairs the inside of the doors vary (I hope everyone is following what I am trying to say).  I went with a slight distressed look on these black doors. 

So what else do I have going on? I have already purchased a lot of the textiles for the room. The sheers will be a white and grey stripe, with burlap curtains flanking each side of the window. I am on the fence with this look, but I think I will be OK with it once it is all put up. To help you imagine this combo better, remember the window trim will be painted black. Tn the past, I’ve not been one to mix patterns. I’m usually pretty safe in that regards and have more experience mixing materials in solid pallets.

The black buffalo check is a pillow case from the bedding. Let’s all take a breath. I promise it’s going to pull together. It’s going to look effortless (my fingers are crossed as I type). Ezra’s toddler bed, is the daybed I had in the nursery downstairs. Let me be honest with you when I say, I’ll be shocked if my son actually uses his room for sleeping. We reluctantly (not so reluctantly) are co-sleepers and expect him to be in our bed until he is 16 years old. We do a lot of things right, but sleeping we’ve done all wrong. I did also buy a safety rail for the daybed, for when he does sleep in it.

Everything pictured below was purchased on, including the grey chair and bookcase in the closet.

When I bought this bookcase, I did not look at the dimensions. This is a common problem I have. I’m smacking my forehead right now. The bookcase is so much larger than what I originally thought it would be. Nonetheless, I knew I wanted to make the closet a feature in this room and the width and height are perfect. It’s almost like I know what I’m doing. We fold most of Ezra’s clothes more than we hang them, but we will be adding a clothing bar for his next size up clothes. As he grows bigger, I feel I’ll probably move the bookcase out into another room. I still have some ideas I am bouncing around for the closet. I’m planning on using metal and canvas bins in the bookshelf, and am even thinking about doing something with either wallpaper or paint in here. I just worry that the bookcase takes up so much space that it would be lost behind all that is going on in here.

One other item that Josh helped me out with this weekend is the “roof” that will hang over the daybed. We were able to do the framing together which I will paint white soon. I think I settled on doing vertical wood strips for the covering and I am going to stain them black. This is still a work in progress. It takes a lot to get things level and straight in an old house. Pictured it looks a little off, but in person everything is level.

We made huge progress in this room, so let me recap what I will be working on this next week and what I have left after that.

This Week:

  • Touch up the white part of the walls.
  • Paint the door trim and baseboard white.
  • Paint the window trim black
  • Paint the roof frame white and start cutting and staining the vertical roof wood to finish off that project.

If all that goes well, what I have left after that is;

  • Decide if I will do wallpaper or paint inside the closet and execute.
  • Start painting the constellations on the ceiling
  • Build a toddler desk from a salvaged wood piece I found walking in my neighborhood. (There is more to this story that I’ll share when I start working on this piece.)
  • Decorate and stage the room.

Be sure to check out all the stunning posts of the One Room Challenge featured participants. Follow @oneroomchallenge on Instagram or check out the hashtags #oneroomchallange and #bhgorc.


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