Fall Dining Room Decor

My favorite design decision in my entire home is the chalkboard wall I painted in the dining room. I remember being so nervous to paint a wall this big, black! The positive impact it has on this space is far greater than any negatives a dark color like black could have created (I thought it would make the room too dark). I love to draw and the chalkboard wall allows me to flex my creativity frequently throughout the year. The whole room changes it’s feel for a new season or event.

With the beginning of fall now here, I opted to change out my coffee themed wall for something more season appropriate. I usually find a few ideas I like on Pinterest and then mash them together to cover my space. I am actually not good at coming up with drawings just straight from my head. I have to see either a drawing or photograph and then I can recreate it with pencil, pen, chalk….I’m just not a great painter. These wall art projects typically take 2 to 3 hours and I do them at night after my sweet Ezra goes to sleep.

I also added some pictures of the rest of the dining room to show off my “spooky” Halloween decor. I have some other traditional pumpkin fall decor items around my house, but my favorite decor is the darker Halloween finds I’ve picked up over the years.

The bats above the fireplace I made a few years back for a work Halloween contest. They are simply traced on to black construction paper and cut out. It wasn’t a huge project at all. They’ve held up pretty nicely since the first use! This is the first time I’ve used them in my home and I have to say they do add a nice amount of drama.

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