Full West Center Kitchen Remodel

Full West Center Kitchen Remodel Post

I know, I know….I’ve posted my kitchen before. Now it is finally done! A complete space. Not one more thing needs to be changed (well I’m sure I’ll get an itch to change something at some point. Let’s be honest!).

Here is a picture of the kitchen when I bought the house. This picture makes it look a lot “nicer” than it actually was. I never used anything in this space.

Original West Center Kitchen

And this was the bedroom the kitchen is in now (I’m actually not sure what this room was used for);


To recap this space, in case you are new to this renovation, my kitchen was once a bedroom. The original kitchen, or at least the kitchen that was in my 1901 house when I bought it in December of 2014, is now my dining room. When we demoed the then kitchen we found a fireplace behind the paneling where the refrigerator lived. I knew I didn’t want to just cover it back up, even if it would never be in working order. This fireplace is what made me move the kitchen. I’ve never seen a fireplace in a kitchen (or seen it done well), but I was ok with the idea of having a fireplace in a dining room. Because we were ripping everything out and redoing all the electrical and plumbing I virtually could put the kitchen anywhere. I moved the kitchen back one room and opened up a larger cased opening into the dining room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This new space presents it’s own design challenges. I’ve had to work around 4 doorways and two very large almost floor to ceiling windows (This room has great natural light because of those beautiful original windows). My cabinets are salvaged from the Habitat for Humanity restore .  I painted them Sherwin Williams’ Past & Present. This color is my accent used throughout the home. I added Pottery Barn cabinet pulls and knobs. I actually have glass knobs on my uppers and the Boulevard bronze knobs and pulls on my lowers. My countertops are butcher block along the walls and a Calcutta quartz on the island with very minimal veining. The floors are a 12×12 terracotta/brick color tile I picked up from Lowe’s (It was inexpensive and that was exactly what I needed at the time). These floors had to grow on me. I wanted “wood look” tile and now that I’ve lived in the space for awhile, I am so happy with this last minute change to the plan. They are easy to take care of and give the space a more vintage look.


I don’t have a tremendous amount of cabinets because of my limited wall space, so I have utilized a lot of functional open shelving. It forces me to keep my dishes washed when they become decor, lol.


All of my lighting is from Pottery Barn, including the plug in wall sconces I just put up to accent the different spaces ( I swear this is not a Pottery Barn post, it just happened that way!)  I am absolutely in love with the Coffee Bar I created and will do a feature post soon that shows the details on how I put it together.

Kitchen Industrial Lighting

Much of my home decor items are from Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market, or Home Goods. There are also some great antique store finds in the kitchen, including the wire basket on the top shelf of the TV bar and my rolling pins of course. (Have you checked out my Guide to Successful Antique Shopping?) I have a few touches hidden in this space from my trip to Magnolia Market as well, like my copper recipe boxes and small cake stand. I have made all of the wooden signs myself with scrap wood.

After all the “staging”, I am finally, truly in love with this space. I couldn’t be happier to making meals for my family in this kitchen.

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