Texas Vacation – Magnolia Table, Market, Bakery & Silos

Here it is. My very first lifestyle post! I’m so happy to write about a vacation to Texas I just returned from. This special trip home was a little different then prior vacations. Not only did I get a much needed visit with family, while home I ventured to the Magnolia Market and Silos in Waco, TX.

This past weekend was my first vacation since I purchased my home in 2014. I have spent every year since that cold day in December, planning out “staycations” in order to tackle large home renovation projects with what little time I have off from my full time job. It’s really never been a problem that I stay home; I am a self proclaimed homebody. I very rarely leave a 30 mile radius of my home, so needless to say I haven’t been to Texas to visit my mom and brother in quite awhile.

Since my home renovation is in cosmetic phase, I have much more room to leave projects undone for a little while longer in order to catch my breath and relax a bit. In the time since my home purchase I’ve torn a 3,500 square foot home down to the studs, put it all back together again, and oh yeah, had a wonderful baby boy who is now a thriving 20 month old! A getaway was well deserved.

My mother-not-yet-in-law Amy, was an intricate part in putting this vacation together, in order to assist in my traveling with my young son for the first time on an airplane. He did absolutely fabulous on the flight there and back! It was a huge success! All my fears of my child screaming for the entire three hour flight were unjustified.

Amy is just as much of a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines and the Fixer Upper TV show as I am, so we made sure to work out a trip up to Waco while visiting Austin.

We started the trip off at Magnolia Table, Chip and Joanna’s restaurant just off Interstate 35.

With school being back in session and the Texas heat being unrelenting, August seemed to be a rather slow time which was to our advantage. We were seated right away at the community table!IMG_1315

After riding over an hour with a 20 month old, my first visit was to the bathroom (which I was actually very excited to see). I will say I was very disappointed that there was not a changing table available and I had to go back out to our SUV to change my son. These are the things I never realized would bother me until I became a mother! Other than that hiccup, everything was wonderful. The staff was something out of Disney World and the food was fantastic. Amy’s husband who traveled with us asked for his eggs to be served over his biscuits and gravy, but was told that they could not accommodate him because the plates had to follow aesthetic guidelines. These people have every detail nailed down tight!

They have a store off the side of the restaurant where we stopped in to buy a tea towel and coffee mug. These are staple items in all their stores.

After breakfast we moved right on to the Silos that were just an easy drive up the interstate once more.

It was still very early in the morning when we arrived, maybe just 10:30. I had heard that lines can get crazy for both the bakery and store, but we were able to walk right into both.

I cannot explain how inspiring the store truly is! The visual art in their merchandising is such an experience in itself. I wish I took more pictures, but luckily www.magnolia.com is swarming with pictures of their fall store setup. The store was overwhelming for me. Had I lived in Texas I might just have bought one of everything. I will say the majority of what is in the store can be purchased online, but I still bought a few items to stuff in my suitcase.

My favorite part of the whole trip was hanging outside with my family on the AstroTurf. I watched my son play with the soccer balls and figured out for the first time he is going to be a soccer prodigy. At 20 months, his ball dribbling (I hope that’s the right soccer term) abilities are unheard of.

We visited the seed shop next, which is very small and mostly gardening items. I felt very inspired to start a garden, but that quickly faded as I remembered I’ve killed ever potted plant I’ve ever bought.

Since we just had breakfast and we didn’t have to wait in any lines, we didn’t eat at the Silos though there were many food truck options. We stopped in the bakery and grabbed some of their famous cupcakes, which on the ride home we found out lived up to all the hype.

My overall opinion of the Waco portion of my Texas vacation is very positive. Some tips I have;

  • Waco was a half a day trip for us. We did go to the original Magnolia store but it is my understanding that it’s not open any longer. (It was very small!) we wanted to do more like see Harper Designs, as well as other antique shopping, however we had a 20 month old who had had enough.
  • Expect lines! We just got lucky. The good news is that place is designed to manage the mass amounts of people.
  • Get a cupcake! It’s worth it! I got the Silobration which is yellow cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. The giant chocolate chip cookie was also great! ( I may have had both)
  • Just enjoy taking in everything Chip and Joanna have built. It blows my mind the thought and attention that has gone into every little detail.

I spent the rest of the vacation with my family, visiting and eating that good Texas food I miss so much! I’m happy to report my first vacation in many years with my son and not-yet-in-laws was a complete success.

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