The Playroom

We completed a room! The playroom is the first room upstairs I can say is completely done! I don’t even have to go back and fix or change anything, believe it or not. This room (along with the entire upstairs) went all the way down to studs. It was rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, new windows installed, the floors were refinished, and new trim was added. It’s basically a brand new space.

The house is a traditional four square home design. This room connects to the next bedroom through the small door in the “before” picture. We left the small doors for the closets and pass through seeing as we wanted the home to still have some of the original details. Plus, the adjoining room will soon be Ezra’s toddler room.We also closed up the small closet that you can see in the below picture. It creeped me out. Previously, the only attic space access was through this closet. It was so narrow and you would look up and see blackness. Super creepy! It had to go. Plus, this room has another full closet on the other side of the room.I wanted to add some visual interest in this room with a wall mural, but I didn’t want anything too obnoxious or something Ezra would grow out of quickly. I opted to go with these simple mountains and only in one small corner of the room. I some what was thinking of resale as well. I just believe if we ever do resale this home I don’t want any room to be too specific to our taste or lifestyle. This is a 5 bedroom house and we most definitely are not using all 5 rooms as bedrooms (but someone else might). I used leftover paint for the mountains. the lighter color is Repose Grey and the darker is Essex Grey. Both are Sherwin Williams colors and I have them in multiple other rooms in my house.

The teepee and a lot of the wall décor is from Hobby Lobby. The rug which I have received numerous compliments on, I ordered from Wayfair. The table and chairs are also from Wayfair. I made the playroom sign myself from letters from Hobby Lobby and a sheet of wood from Lowes. I painted it the same color as the darkest part of the mountains (Sherwin Williams- Essex Grey). This is the room that I used the repurpose mantle from the downstairs living room. See my post on how I salvaged this piece to use as a bookshelf in the playroom. Repurposing the Original Mantels – Part 2

Ezra loves the playroom! The hardest part now is getting him out of the room!

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