Working on Multiple Rooms

I’ve been a little scatter brained when it comes to what I’m working on at the moment. My entire upstairs needs work before we can actually use the space. The upstairs consists of 4 bedrooms (one in which I’ve turned into the master closet), and the second floor bathroom. Each room is in varying states of completion.

The master bedroom is the furthest along. I only have the baseboards left to paint, the doors to refinish, and the door hardware to put on. ONLY, LOL!

I’ve also worked on the master closet as well. I’ve got the majority of the handmade pipe clothes racks installed. The vanity I DIY’d is now complete as well (see Instagram story below). I feel like I will forever be painting this room(I get distracted) and I have the baseboards still to install. I have been focusing a lot of attention on this room because the extra storage is much needed!

Finally, I’ve been working on Ezra’s playroom. This room is all done except for the damn baseboards…Which I have and just need to find time to install!

There is still an entire room that is a blank slate upstairs. That room will most likely be Ezra’s toddler room. I have no plans on when I will start. The hallway needs baseboards, paint corrections, and decor. Finally, the second floor bath is 80% done. I have the tub pony wall left to tile and I need to paint the doors and add the door knob hardware.

If I had to guess, I need like a week of uninterrupted working to get the upstairs 100% complete! Bahaha! I would be blessed to find that time, so I’ll most likely keep trying to tackle everything simultaneously.

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