New Back Door

I haven’t posted in awhile mainly because I’ve been taking a break from the renovation life. It takes a toll on you. There is a lot of unnecessary pressure I put on myself to keep checking things off of my to do list. The fact of the matter is, if nothing else ever got done in my home, the quality of our life would not change. So I’ve been relaxing a bit and spending time just trying to keep all of Ezra’s toys from Christmas picked up.

Something we did just right before Christmas was replace the back door. It was so necessary! I opted to go with a pre hung door from Lowes instead of trying to reframe one of the old ones from the house. The door on my utility closet in the hall, I believe once was the original back door (before any additions). Unfortunately, that door fell over and the glass broke out of it, which I never found the time to get replaced. So again, this was the easier route. I know it is not the most unique or vintage door for that matter, but it is complete and closes with no draft.  I still need to paint the door one more time and put a good coat of poly on it to prevent scratches from the dogs. I’m so happy with how this turned out as the door prior was more than likely not very secure. Thank God my three guard dogs are always right there to protect us!

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