Christmas Porch

I will do a full porch makeover post once I’ve stained the floor boards and I’ve painted the posts. That may still be a few weeks away due to both weather and available time. The holidays are a bit busier than ever before. Ezra’s first birthday is this Christmas Eve and I do have plans to throw a little get together for the family. The thought of having 25 people in my home is a little stressful, I must admit. There are still a lot of projects inside my home to complete and I just have to come to terms it is not all going to get done before this party.

I did find time to decorate the porch and inside my home for the holidays. I’m in love how simple my style is this year. Most of the buffalo check and Christmas decor is from Hobby Lobby. The trees by the door are from Lowe’s. The rocking chairs I ordered from Wayfair are a new addition to the porch and (fingers crossed) I may just be getting a porch swing for Christmas. I’ve asked Santa for one of the large, twin bed swings.

My Christmas porch decor will only grow from here!

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