100-Year-Old Vintage Porch Makeover-Before

This porch is the most beautiful and ugliest part of this house. It was a huge selling feature for me when I purchased the home. It has definitely seen some renovation over the years. As you can see from one of the original pictures the previous homeowner brought to me a few months back, the front brick ran all the way up to craftsman style columns. While I would love to renovate the porch to look like it once did, I unfortunately do not have the budget for that much masonry work.

Here are the before pictures of the porch as I purchased the home. There are many spots that have warped and buckled due to the boards not be resealed over time and water getting into them. The brick was torn down, as I understand it, because the mortar used back then was eroding quickly. It was replaced with the 60s-70s style red brick you see now. This brick and the stairs will be another renovation project coming up very soon. The black iron railing is another blast from the past and possibly the feature on this porch I hate the most. However, I will be reusing the middle sections of iron railing and adding new wood posts for a more modern look.

Also, check out my YouTube vlog to see more of the porch damage.

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