Vintage Dresser Vanity

Most of the upstairs bathroom is now complete. There are only a few small paint items left and some decor choices to decide on. With so many fun features in this bathroom like the 1921 clawfoot tub and the huge walk in tile shower, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite thing about this space. The vanity most definitely was a vision of mine that pulled together nicely!

I knew I wanted to do a dresser vanity in this space. It would fit my style and the age of the home, as well as compliment the other vintage design items I had in mind. The dresser however was hard to find. I visited 5 different antique shops before finally finding a piece I wasn’t even sure would work. It was a little smaller than what I had pictured in my head. The dresser was $200…not bad and definitely in my price range. I’m not sure of the age to be honest, and it appeared someone had already painted it black, covering up a cherry stained finish. I contemplated re-painting it the blue grey color that is throughout my home, but once the vanity was brought upstairs, and I remembered how many other things still needed to be painted around the house, I quickly decided to leave it black. So with black being in my color scheme now, I worried how oil rubbed bronze fixtures would work out g I have them throughout my house). I hate black and brown together! At this point I wasn’t real sure about my choice! 

I bought my sinks next. The dresser is definitely not as wide as a standard vanity, nor as tall. My sinks had to be square and on the smaller side so they’d both fit comfortably. They also needed to sit up off the dresser so that they would reach a comfortable height. I found my sinks on I want to say they were less than $100 a piece.

What I didn’t even pay attention to was the fact the sinks were single hole. This caused a major design headache. My options for oil rubbed bronze faucets that had vintage flair were literally non existent. Luckily, I found these beauties on Amazon (possibly $130 each)We were able to cut the drawers back so that they didn’t hit the sink and faucet plumbing. The two small top drawers and two larger bottom drawers are still fully functional and will allow us to still have storage. Let’s be honest, I’ve gotten used to creative storage solutions. 

And that’s it! It all worked out. I have to say, I think this vanity is beautiful and it is a design piece I’m so incredibly proud of. This project took a little bit of scouting around to find all of the right elements, but it was probably one of the quickest projects to put together once I found everything. The vanity is a lot of design bang for the buck!

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