Refinishing Floors

There are only a few original items left in my home. The upstairs hardwoods are one of them.  They are a red pine and were in questionable condition when I bought the house. The wood looked like it had been stained within an inch of its life and each room had a huge square in the middle where the floor was a different color. Maybe wear from a rug?

I opted to bring in a professional for sanding and staining. It was a wise decision as it took these guys 5 days just to sand.

After the sanding came the stain decision…

It was not easy as I didn’t want my floors to have a red hue. Pretty hard considering it’s red pine. I almost considered staining them black! It was important that the color match the wood look tile I used in the bathroom and compliment my laminate downstairs (it’s a greyish distressed look I knew I couldn’t replicate).

Here were my many choices.

I ended up choosing the color espresso by minwax. Here is how it turned out.

The stair tread is dirty and will be painted my blue grey accent color that I have throughout my home.

And this is the final look with the polyurethane top coat. These floors are seriously like butter. You’d never know they were 100 years old.

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