Staycation Vacation

I am notorious for taking vacations and staying home. For the past three years I’ve used every day of relaxing time to work on my house. I try to do so much myself to first save money, but second learn and gain experience. I enjoy trying new things and putting myself to the test of accomplishing something that might be difficult. That was very much the case this “staycation”.

I’m in “hurry up” mode to get the upstairs bathroom done so I can finally have the house reappraised and pay off a few loans. The bathroom has to get done so the house will appraise as a 5 bedroom/2 bath house. The upstairs bathroom will have the clawfoot, toilet, double vanity, and walk in tile shower. I got my shower quote back…and let’s just say my jaw dropped. There was no way I was paying that much and I’m referring to my cheaper quote! 

My family came into town while I was off so they could visit with the baby. My mom and her girlfriend Cheryl are very handy just as I am, and in an effort to help, offered to assist me if I wanted to try to do the shower myself. So that’s what we did! We went and got all the materials that Saturday and started promptly on Sunday. After a lot of planning and YouTube watching we felt confident. While my family was here we got the shower pan poured and the walls cement boarded. I still have to tape and mud the seams, as well as waterproof them all. Then I’ll start tiling.Also while on vacation, I got my staircase painted and I am in love with how it turned out. It is such a great improvement to the house. The reddish stain just wasn’t suited for the rest of my decor. The electricians also came and installed my lights upstairs and put in all my switches and outlets. I’m fully electrified upstairs! A few other things that took place; I installed a new mailbox and painted the upstairs hall, master bedroom, and bathroom.And finally, we visited with family and I got to spend time with my beautiful baby boy, Ezra (who is now 6 months old!!).

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