Repurposing the Original Mantels (Part 2)

I finished the second mantel this past Saturday. This one I am using in Ezra’s playroom upstairs as a bookshelf.

I first added the beadboard to the mantel opening. Next, I used my miter saw and nail gun(my two favorite tools) to make simple shelves out of some scrap wood I had in the back of the house. And finally, I painted the whole thing a blue green color (not sure of the name). That’s it! Something that I once wasn’t sure was going to work anywhere in my house, now has new life. I just needed to think outside of the “firebox”….haha, bad joke!

While I was putzing around on Saturday, I went exploring in the cellar under the house. This room usually scares the crap out of me, but I had just been under the day before with my contractor to look at some doors, so my confidence was boosted. I ended up finding a few things to use for more salvage projects! I’m excited to come up with some cool projects for these old shutters and metal shelves. 

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