Repurposing the Original Mantels (part 1)

This Saturday, on a whim, I decided to drag the original mantels outside and finally do something with them. They have been sitting in my entryway since I took them out of the front rooms. I didn’t want to reuse them in their traditional sense because they didn’t quite go with my design style, but I also didn’t want to get rid of them. 

The mantel I completed was from the homes old dining room space in the front of the house. It is the bigger of the two and much deeper. I decided I would use this mantel upstairs in the room I’ve deemed “the master closet”. Yes, I am dedicating a whole room to a closet! So my idea was to fabricate some shelves that would sit on an angle to hold my shoes.

I measured and cut three shelves, adding a lip at the front of the shelf so that the shoes won’t slide off. I then measured out, cut, and angled the lip the shelves would sit on. I attached the shelves, added a little bit of trim to hide some damage on the front pillars, then sanded everything down. As for the paint, I used a tester size jar of Essex Grey paint by Sherwin Williams that I had left over from some samples I had picked up previously. I dry brushed it on and then added another layer of dry brushing, but this time using a dark brown paint to make the piece look distressed. And that’s it! It cost me about $35 in material for the shelves. 

2 thoughts on “Repurposing the Original Mantels (part 1)

    1. marockwe says:

      These were both in my house already. I didn’t want to use them back in the rooms they came out of because the columns didn’t fit my design style. Most antique stores have mantels, but some people charge a pretty penny…and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes trying to get the right dimensions you need.


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