A Tale of Two Renovations 

When Josh and I got pregnant, it wasn’t exactly planned. But, we got a beautiful baby boy out of it and I speak for us both when I say, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

With that being said, we both own houses. We both own very old, complete gut job houses. While we still don’t know exactly what our plan will be for both of them, we do know that whatever we decide, they both need to be completed. 

Below are some of the original listing pictures from Josh’s house and a few pictures of its current state. He is completing 100% of the work on his own, so he isn’t as far along with his reno. He really only works on it on the weekends. He’s completed all of the demo, the majority of the framing repairs, and the beginning of the electrical rough in. I’m beyond proud of the work that he is able to do. His home is a 1,400 square foot, 2 bedroom, 2 bath home built in 1911.

Living Room
Front Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Closet 1
Master Closet 2
Spare Bathroom Door Reframe
New Master Bath Floor Joists

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