The pantry once was an outdoor room off the back porch. We built a wall and opened up an entry from the kitchen to make it useable indoor space. I know I’ve said it before, but because of the huge windows and multiple doorways in my kitchen I’ve had to get creative with storage space. The pantry is a very large space just for that, so I wanted it to feel like an extension of the kitchen and not just a closet. I could have done all shelving, but I actually use this space as a kennel for my three dogs as well, so I can put them away when guests come over (my dogs jump all over people). So all storage in this space has to be high off the ground; especially if I’m storing food.

I laid rubber flooring that’s easy to mop up. I had an extra cabinet from the kitchen that I never used, so I painted it the same color. I spaced the cabinet to allow for the dog’s crate to fit underneath the counter and out of the way. Then I added the backsplash to match the kitchen and the two shelves. On the opposite wall I added three shelves for food storage. I actually have a fourth shelf to put in but I ran out of wood for the actual shelf. The bar stools are just the ones I changed out in the kitchen. I’ll be moving those soon.

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