1st Floor Bathroom (complete)

My first floor bathroom has been the biggest project in the whole house. There was not one thing in it that didn’t need to be redone. Even after some items were “done”, they needed to be done again. My flooring is one of those items.

I love hexagon tile. Nothing says you’re in an old house than those little white tiles. The problem with hexagon tile though is it is very hard to install. The tile I ordered came with a lot of chips. My contractor at the time also talked me into doing a darker grout. He said if I went with white grout that I would see the grout wear and turn colors in the traffic area. Well….the grey grout just looks dirty all the time! He also didn’t do a great job installing it and the grey grout really made all the imperfections stand out.

So I found myself this weekend taking on the project of restaining my grout white…At 30 weeks pregnant none the less. I take nesting to a whole new level!

I also took the time to finally finish painting the trim. I am done with this space for now. It’s not my favorite room in the house, but it is the bathroom after all. Lessons have been learned and when we move on to the master bathroom upstairs, things will be done differently. I’m very happy though to have another space complete.

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