The kitchen is now 90% done. I’m missing my island countertops because they just weren’t in the budget yet with everything else going on around the house. 

The kitchen use to be a back-of-the-house living room/den right off the old kitchen. We enlarged the pass through to connect the new dining room to the new kitchen.

I’d also like to say how impressed I am with how my salvaged cabinets turned out. New paint, hardware, headboard, and trim made all the difference.



Standalone cabinet that was in the back room of the house when I bought it. I repainted it, trimmed it out, added hardware, and added the stained wood top.
My kitchen is small and lacking a lot of cabinets, so I’ve tried to be creative with my shelving.

I’ve got a lot of scrap wood and instead of throwing it out I’ve tried to salvage as much as possible. This is the sign I made for above the cabinets.

The pantry (that use to be part of the screened in porch) is still a work in progress and a new room for my dogs. I’ve got to add a few more shelves and refinish the floors.  

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