Dining Room

Another room is mostly complete ( I’m missing a few decor items, but I do have the rest of my life for those purchases). This is my most drastic room update since the entire purpose changed.

The fireplace in this room is my baby.

When we originally found the fireplace behind the wall covering, I knew I wanted to keep it at all costs. This room was originally the kitchen. With new electrical and new plumbing going in, I was able to move the kitchen wherever I wanted. So the kitchen moved back a room to allow the fireplace to stay. 

The fireplace was in bad condition. None of them will ever work, they’ll only be decorative, but I wanted to preserve the feel of each room by fixing them up. The hearth was made out of lose brick stacked on top of one another. The firebox went straight down into the crawl space.  

So this all needed to be fixed so that it was sealed up more tightly. I built the platform you see in the pictures myself. I now know why you pay attention in geometry, kids! I trimmed out around the brick as well. I love the look of stained wood, so I stained the new hearth and went with white paint to cover up the imperfections of the brick. I painted it heavy, but not perfect so that some of the red and orange of the brick would show through.

I painted one entire wall in chalkboard paint. I love to draw and be creative, so this isn’t a stretch for me design wise. A big black wall may not be for everyone. It balances the room and really gives it that fun, vintage vibe.    


And here is my finished product with the before and afters.   


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