1st Floor Bathroom

The first floor bathroom is turning out to be quite the project, but I couldn’t be happier with where I am at with it now. There was extensive rot in the framing from many years of water getting under the siding. My floor joists were even scarier with the plywood just sitting on top of the poorly secured lumber. Everything that the previous owners did to “cover up” the problems was gutted. The floor joists were rehung and a new subfloor laid. The exterior wall framing of the bathroom was then removed and replaced so new siding could be put up. Oh and the best part, all my plumbing for the entire house is roughed in! I’m making big progress. 

It’s hard for me to imagine people that go into these old house and don’t take out as much as possible to see if everything is structurally sound. Had I not known the seemingly fine drywall and cement board that was previously put down were vertually attached to nothing, I could have sunk a tone of money into this project and loss so much of it from the impending damage. Don’t cut corners! 

Now hopefully I can put it back together in a relatively quick time frame!


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